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‘’Who is a baby girl? In this context, A person who is female who has set it upon herself to unapologetically live her best life despite the troubles of the world. ‘’



Welcome to my blog!!! My name is Oluchi. I recently just graduated from the university, secured my LL.B and will be proceeding to law school soon. I am super proud of myself and excited about the future because this is a major step and achievement for me. I am a strong believer of the baby-girling lifestyle ideology! People that know me on a personal level know I constantly refer to myself as a baby-girl. I call my friends “baby-girls” and this because I want us to absolutely enjoy life. Before we continue or go further I will like to say congratulations to a whole baby-girl, my Mercy lambo, QUEEN OF HIGHLIGHTS! Winner of Big brother Nigeria “pepperdem” season 4- he real pepper. We are absolute stans, over here. I am writing this post the morning after she was announced winner so you can imagine how hyped and happy I feel. So yes back to our baby-girl-ing lifestyle.

                Living the baby-girl lifestyle simply entails you are enjoying life. Living your best life to the fullest without apologies. I know at this point you are asking yourself, how do you even begin to live the baby-girl lifestyle in the first instance? Relax. I got you covered. In this post I will be sharing insightful tips to living your best baby-girl life;




1)      Become the ‘’ENJOYMENT MINISTER”: You have to become very deliberate about your life and make yourself the “Enjoyment president’’. Only engage in activities you enjoy. You have to begin to become intentional about enjoying life. Go to new places, keep friends that you actually enjoy being with, spend time living your best life because you own it, call the shots and be the boss of your own self. People that stress you and try to hinder your enjoyment ministry; you have one duty. Drop them and move on! Yes drop them.

2)      STAY HAPPY: Being happy radically improves your lifestyle. It reflects on your appearance and general wellbeing. Cut off anything or anybody that steals your joy. Protect your happiness and be the best version of yourself.

3)      Invest in yourself:   By investing in yourself I mean time, energy, money. Focus on improving yourself in every possible way. Do you have skills? Try as much as possible to improve on them. Learn a new skill, invest in your academics, your general lifestyle, health and general wellbeing.  Constantly put in effort in developing your career and skills. Put yourself out there and be the best possible version of yourself. Write down your goals and make sure you take steps on a daily basis to achieve them. Upgrade to the premium version of yourself by investing in yourself.

4)      SLAY!! :   Yes! Slay!!! Press necks!!! Be beautiful and own it. Believe it or not your appearance will open doors for you. Take your appearance seriously- buy fashionable items, original makeup products. Let your presence be known. Smell good and be confident while slaying. You do not have to go over your budget to slay. You can get good and affordable fashion items and style them well. Don’t allow anybody tell you to take your appearance for granted. Reject that idea and if you have it in your head already, perish that idea.

5)      Endeavour to take good pictures of yourself to save memories and remind you of your growth. Take pictures with people you love and don’t forget to have images of yourself saved so you don’t lose them.

6)      ‘Pepperdem’: Don’t be afraid to be seen as being too much. Take up all the spaces you can in your career. Don’t be afraid to advance. Be in a constant state of excellence. If people want to talk, let them talk and don’t forget to ‘pepperdem’.

7)      Travel: We have a wonderful travel segment just so you think about all the nice places in the world you can visit. Travel, explore and make new friends. Enjoy your life while you can and gain very nice experiences that you can always remember.

8)      DON’T ALLOW MEN STRESS YOU! : You can diminish your glow if you constantly allow men stress you. You want to be a baby-girl for life, stay away from toxic men that will do nothing but drain you. Refuse to be stressed.

9)      Have a great circle of friends: It is important you have a supportive circle of friends around you. Your friends will make life easier for you and lift you up in your worst moments. Emphasis on supportive friends, because you do not want to be stuck with people that do nothing but tear you down. Eliminate toxic friendships at every slightest evidence of it.


10)   Take care of your body: Take care of your body and health. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, take care of your skin and avoid anything that will endanger your health. Get a great skincare routine and stick to it.

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